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Radix Coffee

Radix Coffee

Radix Coffee是一間新創的本地烘焙公司,主要業務以SCA培訓課程及烘豆工作為主。 每月將舉行一系列的主題分享及Workshop,目標是為了推廣香港的咖啡文化,希望幫大家尋覓到一杯合適自己的咖啡~

"Radix" stands for our root and everything base on its foundation. We hope to treasure for all the resources from here, thru different trial and progress, to develop a significant brand which starts from my home town.

Our Philosophy: The Base
As a human, we have our dream, our goal, everyday we try to grow and learn from the basic, we treasure on what we have and who we are。

Our Mission: The Origin
Radix wants to express all the potential flavors from coffee beans through all of the procedures. We want to present our discovery, roasting, tutorials, and the results of our experiments to our audience.

Our Vision: The Pure Connection
Radix tries to show our audience, about the idea of the growth from nature, thru the process of coffee discovery, to arouse the relationship of eco protection and the value of life. Primitively, we should understand the life from the same origin and the pure soul in connecting others.

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