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  • Color: Copper / Brass / Mutli-color
  • Size: D75*H50 mm

The Rose Bonsai is an elegant piece for you to put in your room. All the texture are nicely crafted by hand in order to preserve their stunning brilliance and each of them is unique to you. The preserved flower give a sprinkle to the bonsai and it also included a aroma bead that allows you to add your favorite essential oil to it.The rose blossom and the petal reflects the light nicely, and you can keep the shine of the rose bright by cleaning the rose regularly with any Brass/Copper cleaner. Because the rose is untreated, it can also take on a aged look if you do not polish it.


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Rose served in Concrete Pot (with Amora Bead)

  • HK$470

  • 加盟商戶: COXPER 抒銅
  • 型 號: CXP0003
  • 庫存狀況: 尚有庫存