Product Highlight:

  • Color: Brass & Anitqued Copper
  • Size: L75*W75*H40 mm
  • Incense Lenght: 5cm to 15cm

Other Useful Information:

  • Not include incense along with this product

Minimal, Incense Holders for easing yourself into wind downtime or to invigorate the mind to begin the day ahead. Finished with clean lines and edges in order to stand as a visually appealing accessory when not in use. Lighting a stick when you are having a coffee break or enjoying a meal with friends and family. It is also good to light a stick during spiritual practices such as yoga, meditation and prayer, by helping to calm the senses and focus the mind.


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Incense Holder

  • HK$480

  • 加盟商戶: COXPER 抒銅
  • 型 號: CXP0007
  • 庫存狀況: 尚有庫存